Montecatini Terme and surroundings

The paradise of relaxation

Nestled in the heart of the Valdinievole and known worldwide for its famous thermal baths, Montecatini offers its visitors relaxing and rejuvenating vacations among thermal baths, green areas, and elegant promenade streets.

Recognized, as of July 2021, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Montecatini life is also about culinary tradition: the many restaurants in the area will delight you with typical Tuscan dishes. But you won't be able to say you've been to Montecatini without tasting the traditional cialde, crumbly puff pastry disks that enclose a delicious filling of chopped almonds and sugar.

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    The Thermal Baths

    Known since Roman times for the beneficial properties of its waters, Montecatini is among the most famous centers in Italy for thermal cures. Baths, mud baths, and hydroponic treatments, the therapies that involve the intake of thermal water as a beverage, are the activities at the heart of a an enjoyable wellness stay. The establishments where to have these treatments are all concentrated in the heart of the city.

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    Il Parco delle Terme

    At ten thousand square meters in size, Parco delle Terme is the city's green lung. Completely closed to traffic, it constitutes a rejuvenating place where everyone can find a recreation. Here you can relax with peaceful walks and tasty picnics, indulge in yoga and running, and enjoy cycling, skating, or skateboarding.


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    The funicular railway and Montecatini alto

    Above Montecatini Terme, there's a village, Montecatini alto, from which you can admire the town and the entire valley. You can reach it comfortably by car, but we recommend that you do not miss the magic of the funicular railway that has connected the two towns since 1898. With the characteristic little red trains, Gigio and Gigia, you can go up along the green hills, enjoy a unique panorama and visit the original center of the town, where the characteristic cafes and restaurants will welcome you to taste the typical dishes of our area.

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    Grotta Giusti Monsummano Terme

    Affiliated with Hotel Savoia and Campana and just a few kilometers from Montecatini, Grotta Giusti is the largest natural thermal cave in Europe. This thousand-year-old cavity, discovered by chance in 1849, is an exceptional place for wellness and relaxation. Among stalactites and stalagmites, you can enjoy a therapeutic and relaxing steam bath between 28° and 34° C.

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    Padule di Fucecchio

    Among Pistoia and Florence, the Padule di Fucecchio constitutes Italy's largest inland marsh. The area, home to more than 200 species of birds each year, lends itself to bird-watching activities, with guided tours designed even for the less experienced. The Il Padule Association also organizes navigations on traditional small boats led by expert boatmen. For those who prefer more conventional solutions, there are trails for Nordic walking, trekking, and mountain biking within the area.

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    Just six kilometers away from Montecatini, the town of Buggiano offers visitors the opportunity to discover the most charming sights of Valdinevole. Nine trails of varying size, ideal for running, Nordic walking, trekking, and mountain biking activities, will allow you to get to know the areas of Buggiano, Buggiano Castello, Colle di Buggiano, Stignano, La Costa, Uzzano, Cozzile, and Massa e Cozzile.