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Vom 23 Januar 2014 bis 25 Oktober 2014

Special Offer Spa and Wellness in Montecatini Terme

For an holiday dedicated to wellness, Relax and Beauty choose to come to Montecatini Terme!
Grotta Giusti was discovered in 1849 and is considered a place of well-being. Its thermal waters are bicarbonate-sulphate-chlorinated lime magnesium. His cave the Grotta is one of the largest natural wonders of the world's.
The millennial Grotta, real natural paradise full of stalactites and stalagmites, within which lies a mirror lens of thermal waters, which, with its therapeutic vapors, welcoming guests into a "sauna" beneficial and detoxifying.
"The eighth wonder of the world", as described by Giuseppe Verdi during his frequent visits, never ceases to amaze you.
The new open-air thermal swimming pool, a high-tech facility measuring 750 sq. m, with a large and spectacular waterfall and underwater hydromassage in spa water at 35 °C. Permanently fed by spa water at 35°C containing bicarbonate, sulphur, calcium and magnesium.

Grotta Giusti is only 5 kilometers away from Montecatini Terme.
Reached with Free Shuttle Service in summer time
Exclusively for our customers
Thanks to an agreement between us and Grotta Giusti
You can enjoy special discounts on all treatments
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For centuries, Montecatini Terme is considered a place of regeneration, wellness, beauty thanks to the extraordinary natural gift of the waters from the depths of the subsurface, after making their way through millennia long deposits of limestone, clay and jasper, spout from the depths of the earth and spill into majestic thermal establishments immersed in beautiful parks. Their names evoke the magical atmosphere that surrounds them: Tettuccio, Regina, Excelsior, Leopoldine, Salute, Redi.
All establishments are within walking distance, as are a few hundred meters away from our hotel.

The Tettuccio Establishment Prince of Montecatini Terme, the highest expression of Italian Liberty.
For your careHydropinic
The Excelsior Terme with its Wellness Center
With the ability to perform any type of treatment
And Terme Redi with its new Spa Pool

Unplug it from the everyday life and come to regenerate at the Terme di Montecatini !

for our customers
Thanks to an agreement between us and Montecatini Terme
You can enjoy special discounts on all treatments
Open the file PDF included for more information

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